Thermal package technology

Thermal package technology is used in the construction of country houses more and more often, since it has several advantages over classic materials. This is a faster rate of construction of such houses, first of all, because construction panels are supplied for sale by ready. There will be only three specialists to install such a house. In addition, the frame from the thermal package has a small weight, which allows you to install it on pile or tape foundations. Also, the thermal package can be attached to the finished structure. Such houses can be built on movable soil and with a complex relief. The seismic resistance of structures reaches nine points.

The main material used in the creation of the panels is foamopolisterol. It has good heat -insulating properties, therefore, less energy will be required to heating the house. Add to all of the above that thermal packet panels have a relatively low cost plus saving on the foundation.

Also, this material does not burn and is environmentally friendly. The service life of polystyrene panels in the enclosing structures reaches 80 years.