Three shutters control options

one. Rope. As a rule, one of the ropes changes the position of the lamellas, the other is responsible for raising and lowering the canvas. If the canvas are heavy, different ropes are used to raise and lowering. To rotate the lamellas, a long “pointer” handle is used.

2. Chain. With monocomancy control, the circuit when twisting with the fingers changes the position of the lamellas, the movements up and down are raised-lower the canvas. Two -Knockercy control makes these functions separate.

3. Remote control. Remote control provides an opportunity by pressing the buttons of the remote control to manipulate blinds individually, without getting up, as well as combine them into groups, for example, the northern or south side of the house. By installing special sensors, you can create whole lighting scenarios. For example, the position of the lamellas will vary depending on the intensity of the light flow, creating optimally comfortable lighting, and with the onset of darkness they can be closed completely.