Top games for android

Today, any owner of a phone or smartphone with an OS based on Android seeks to download as many games as possible and applications. Otherwise, why still need such a device? But you also need to download it correctly, choosing safe sites. And already choosing a “clean” resource, you should view the most popular games for android.

A game called “Cut the Rope” is recognized as an undoubted download leader. The main character, ames, is busy only eating sweets. And so that the sweets do not end, the user must do everything to achieve this goal: burst the bubbles and even cut the ropes.

The second place in the top belongs to the game “Trit Extreme 2”. Fascinating gample and high -class graphics – the distinctive features of this game.

In third place is “Worms”. The game is known to users in their computer version. The basis is the step -by -step strategy for conducting the battle of warlike worms. To download this game you will need high speed and more MB places.

Fourth place was fixed by the game “Shadowgun”. Despite the short -lived life, the game managed to enter the top. Impressive screenshots, violent action, shock special effects.

Closes the five leaders “Duke Nukem 3D”. Graphics, of course, are not enough stars from the sky, but not in the schedule the essence of the game. The game proven for a long time is now available for android. And her famous hero Duke is still charming and witty, which makes the game even more exciting.