Twinblock – porous wall material

Among the modern building materials of individual mention, Twin blocks that serve for the construction of the walls deserve. Compared to traditional types of wall materials – concrete or brick – they have an impressive number of advantages, already appreciated by the Ural builders.

The main advantage of tween blocks is a high level of thermal insulation due to the porous structure. If such material will have the same thickness with a brick, in its thermal insulation abilities it will exceed it five times. At the same time, this building materials are not distinguished by excessively high cost, so the price of Berezovsky Twinblock in our country pleasantly surprises buyers. In addition, for laying walls, it is not a construction solution, but a special adhesive composition, which avoids the shrinkage of the structure and creates a more durable connection.

The porous structure of the material leads to the fact that it passes the air through itself, creating an optimal microclimate indoors. In conditions of high humidity, the twin blocks take excess moisture and transfer it to the environment, that is, to the street. On the contrary, when the room is too dry, the material takes the right amount of moisture from the street and transfers it inside.

Another important advantage of wall blocks from cellular concrete is their environmental friendliness. They are made from natural components that do not contain toxic or radioactive substances. Cellular concrete from which they are made is uniform in structure and does not contain particles of organic matter, which can begin to secrete harmful compounds. Another advantage of using twin blocks is the ease of their machining. The material is easily sawn, strict, drill, stroke.