Types of brick

The most common type of material for the construction of walls today is a brick. All bricks, depending on the species, are used for different purposes. For example, to build a wall most often used red or white (silicate) brick, and yellow for cladding.

Depending on the shape of the bricks are hollow and full -bodied. Voids in full -length brick can be both round and rectangular. A full -bodied brick, as a rule, is used to build the bearing walls of the building, and hollow – to solve certain architectural problems.

The mandatory property of any brick is frost resistance. To ensure it, the porosity of the material should be from 9 to 20%. This will ensure the reliability of the adhesion of the brick with the solution and increase the indicators of the building by thermal conductivity.

Facing brick is used for external masonry. Its color scheme varies from dark red to light yellow. Some types of facing bricks are decorated with ornaments. The cost of wall cladding with such brick is comparable to applying a plaster coating.

Another type of finishing brick is glazed, which is used for external and internal work. This is a fairly fragile material, but it is similar in its properties to clinker ceramics.

Ceramic modular clinker brick is used for external wall cladding. Its distinctive feature is increased frost resistance and low water absorption level. Produced in white and gray color design.