Types of interior doors

The implementation of repairs in an apartment or house involves the implementation of many consistent stages, almost each of which depends on the execution of the previous.

Usually, when carrying out the repair of the apartment, one of the final stages is the installation of doors indoors. But they should be chosen in advance, since some designs can be installed only during the implementation of perestroika or repair. The selected doors must answer in its color with the flooring.

It should also be remembered that the installation of some types of doors of the interior variety requires certain actions at the stage of repair.

All existing interior doors are produced by several types. Consider their most popular of them.

Swing doors

Such a model of doors is in every house, as they are the most popular. Depending on the features of the installation, they can be legal or left -oriented. If it makes the area of ​​the room, you can install doors of this type that they have two sashes. They are able to pass more light, with their help you can organize a wider opening.

Sliding doors

This type of interior doors is also called a cape doors. During the opening, they step aside, without occupying the free space of the room.

Designs look good that are in an open form hid in the wall. The canvases of such doors with the help of hidden slats are hidden in the interior ceiling. But the installation of such an option should be thought ahead, since it is necessary to make a hole for them inside the walls.

Interior prices on the door .UA/Mezhkomnatnye-Dveri differ depending on the country of the manufacturer, as well as the type of structure.