Types of windows

The most successful ratio of residential and other premises in the house, the exquisite interior is completely leveled if the rooms are deprived of sufficient natural light. This mainly depends on the location, size and shape of the windows. These parameters (including proportions) are also of particular importance for the external architectural appearance of the structure.

To provide living rooms with good lighting, the size of the windows should be at least one eighth floor area.

Types of windows are as follows: with separate, paired and separate bindings. By the method of opening, window bindings are the following types: open in different directions, inside, sliding and lifting.

The window box is the frame in which the bindings mount. Additional bars can be filled on the inside of the box, which are also called mediums, or impenses. These horizontal and vertical imposts are used for a more accurate installation of binders, and also provide stiffness of large boxes.

Windows can be purchased in the form of ready -made blocks. Sometimes they are made directly on construction, but today it is rarely done. Window filling includes a window box, binding and a window sill.