Unboxing my companion: a beginner’s guide to sex dolls

Sex toys are popular among a significant part of the population; most do not advertise this fact, but at least once or twice they have used such devices for experiments. The most complete option, capable of simulating high-quality sexual intercourse, is a sex doll. It can be made in full height, the material almost exactly copies human skin. Based on preferences and capabilities, buy sex dolls are offered.

Features of dolls

There are several types of such simulators:

  1. Inflatable silicone ones are the cheapest and are designed for simple sexual games. There may be a mouth and a vagina for inserting the penis, they are filled with warm water.
  2. Complete simulations of body parts. These are separate parts that imitate the human body, with a vagina, breasts, anus or male penis. As a rule, this is the torso or part with the buttocks and vagina, or part of the male body.
  3. Full-size options that completely imitate the human body. They may have an internal skeleton to provide a variety of positions for sexual intercourse.
  4. Mini dolls that fully imitate a person, but have the size of a teenager. We offer buy small sex dolls from well-known manufacturers.

High-quality options have a coating made of material that almost completely copies human skin. TPE and silicone are used, which are soft and elastic. The breasts and other parts of the body are also made elastic to create the full impression of a real woman or man.


Sex toys are produced for the most complete and high-quality imitation of sexual intercourse, taking into account what options and features excite a person. They are made from high-quality materials that are completely safe for humans.

Expensive options can change poses, they are created as a perfect copy of a person, based on people’s ideas about the main features that are sexually attractive.

Sex dolls are durable, reliable, they can be dressed in sexy clothes, and preliminary preparation for sexual intercourse can be carried out, which is an important part of the process.

The lifespan of a sex doll ranges from 2 to 5 years, depending on its quality, intensity of use and care of the product.

Dolls give sexual intercourse many of the features of real action and can excite and bring pleasure. It is important to discard false constraints and prejudices, and then such a toy will bring joy.