Volume video wall: features and benefits of use

Are you interested in the best innovative equipment? Do you want to equip your premises with modern developments? Then you should pay attention to the volume video wall, which is offered by SP Studios. This is your opportunity to achieve the results you want without unnecessary complications. Let us consider the proposals of this organization in more detail.

LED volume indicators

You will be able to plunge headlong into the world of virtual production. You just need to order high-resolution LED volume indicators. Such equipment has a pitch of 1.9 pixels. It is complemented by an Arri lighting grille and Mo-Sys technology. The power distribution is excellent, so professionals who work in the creative world have endless possibilities to turn their ideas into reality.

Arri lighting grid

This is a unique lighting offering that covers a significant LED volume. Now you don’t have to limit yourself to traditional LED ceilings. Arri’s innovative grid features the best orbiters that can be controlled using GrandMA3. You’ll also be able to connect your hardware to Unreal Engine 5. Take control of your lighting and create the right mood in your room without having to deal with limitations or complications.


Unleash your creativity with the MRMC BoltX motion control robot. It is suitable for use both on and off the track. The innovative development comes with an experienced operator who will operate it and make the necessary adjustments. BoltX’s movements can be synchronized with the virtual world using modern Mo-Sys and Flair technologies. Premium software will provide the highest quality results.

Bolt Jr+

This development is more often used for on-site shooting. However, you can put the Bolt Jr+ to practical use on an LED surround stage. The robot can be equipped with tracks, but can also go without them. His movements will be reflected in the virtual world, will be smooth, and the shooting will be easy to synchronize.

Contact the trusted company SP Studios to get all these innovative developments at your disposal. The equipment will not disappoint your expectations and will cope with its tasks in any operating conditions!