Wall decoration: various types of wallpaper

The most environmentally friendly wallpaper option is paper wallpaper. In addition, they have the highest hypoallergenicity. In this regard, they will be an excellent solution, say, for children’s premises.

But in the course of their gluing, you have to spend a lot of effort. They also do not provide wet cleaning. It should be borne in mind that paper wallpapers come in two types: duplex and siplex, in other words, single -layer and two -layer. The latter are a more preferred solution, since they are more durable, create fewer problems in the process of preparing the surface. But for single -layer, it is necessary to have a perfectly even base. Wallpaper with acrylic crumbs in which the paper base is used are an improved option of paper wallpaper. It should be refrain from washing, but it is permissible to vacuum. Thanks to acrylic spraying, it is possible to get more options for drawings against the background of paper. At the same time, the texture plays a special role here, thanks to which it is possible to make invisible irregularities of the walls.

Vinyl wallpapers, on which consumers often opt for, there are two types. Vinyl on a paper basis can be purchased in the form of rolls reaching a length of 10-15 meters. After 5-7 minutes from the moment it is processed with glue, it acquires elasticity and demonstrates convenience in use. While the glue will be absorbed, it is desirable for the processed sheet to twist to the center. These wallpaper are not afraid of washing, differ in reliability and can be used to finish any rooms.

Foamed vinyl exceeds the paper counterpart in softness, it is advisable to use only a sponge for it to wash it. Due to the presence of a pronounced texture, it allows you to make imperceptible insignificant surface defects. Among the models with the finished color and pattern, vinyl options for painting can also be found, due to which it can also be used in public premises that differ in high intensity of use, where there is often a need to repair.

Wiring -winging woven wallpapers deserve attention. Only when using this option with glue, not the material is covered, but the surface of the wall, having previously carried out its preparation. Thanks to this, it is possible to reduce the costs of time and area required for work. All rolls of non -woven wallpaper have an unchanged length, which is 10 meters. As for the width, it can be 53 cm or 1.6 meters. In other words, if necessary, then the number of joints can be reduced, however, in the process of gluing wide sheets there are more difficulties.