We lay the paving slabs ourselves

The territory around the house and paths in the garden can be laid out with special tiles or paving stones, the choice of which is now very large. Paving slabs is considered one of the best options for paving roads. High -quality paving slabs in Krasnodar, the price of which depends on the type and a number of other features – is suitable for both a stylish landscape design, and for simply well -groomed territory. You can buy paving slabs in Krasnodar in small quantities necessary for the site.

To put it on your own, you need to start by laying the border. To do this, make the marking of the border line and pull the fishing line on it. Under the fishing line, we dig a groove with a shovel to the width of the bayonet and 20 cm deep. The ditch should be under the fishing line so that one quarter is inside, where there will be tiles, and three quarters outside.

Then, pour the sand in a 2 msm on the bottom of the groove and level it.

Lay out the borders along the trench and prepare a solution of cement and sand 1: 3. We take the sand small, we use clean water.

On the sand, lay out the solution with a layer of 1.5 cm and install the curb, knocking it with a rubber hammer so that the rib is under the fishing line, touching it. On both sides of the border we put a little solution. We proceed to laying the next stone according to the same scheme, moving it tightly to the first.

When the border is laid, we strengthen it on both sides.

Now you can start laying the tile. The surface should be flat. First of all, it is necessary to determine at what angle to put it. More convenient and easier – under the straight line. Put the first row tightly to the curb and go further. After 2 meters, pull the two fishing lines at right angles. Focus on them by laying the tile. Every 2 meters pull the fishing line to put the tiles exactly.