What will be the families of ski stations in the Italian Alps

Peter Pichler Architecture was invited to participate in a private competition for the design of a ski complex in Ponte di Legno, Italy.

The project includes the addition of three new cable car lines for the ski resort, each marked by an architectural intervention designed to provide lodging and restaurants. The buildings also contain exhibition spaces dedicated to the preservation of the cultural, natural and historical heritage of the site.

The office proposal is inspired by local vernacular architecture present in the surrounding context. Four projects are proposed that will contribute to Val Camonica’s infrastructure and enhance the visitor experience. Pitched stone roofs and wooden interiors create a familiar look while allowing the structures to adapt to the surrounding landscape as strategically placed large glazed surfaces frame views of the mountain range.

By repeating the architectural elements, but changing their arrangement in accordance with the morphology of the surrounding area, the four stations show their belonging to the same architectural family, without losing their individual character. Another decisive factor was the emphasis on the cultural heritage of the site, as trenches from the First World War were discovered at the site. They have been preserved and integrated into the project, with glazed openings and comfortable transparent walkways to let visitors experience their history.