A three -room apartment for a family with two children

There are fewer families at a common table. Some eat at the same time, but sit in front of the TV. But a joint lunch is not just eating, this is primarily communication. If the canteen area allows, restore the lost tradition of a family meal at a table with a beautiful serving!

It is planned to produce the following main construction work:

Dismantling and erecting a new partition between the hallway and the corridor (opposite the toilet).

The expansion of the toilet (by 1.4 m2 due to the accession of part of the corridor and the hallway) and the bathroom (by 7.1 m2 due to the accession of the entire area of ​​the corridor and part of the hall.

Transport and laying of doorways.

Rearrangement of existing and installing additional plumbing equipment (shower) in the bathroom, waterproofing of the floor.

Prior to the implementation of this redevelopment, the editorial office recommends applying for a free advice to the department of the State Housing Inspectorate of the Administrative District in which the apartment is located.