Advantages of “P-Siding”

Finishing materials, as well as small architectural forms, is best made from sand concrete.

And today, the original design of siding is made from it, which is called “P-Siding”. Such siding is an ideal solution for external cladding buildings. Moreover, buildings can be wooden, panel and brick.P-Siding has many advantages:

one. Installed without solution;

2. Easy to work that does not require high qualifications;

3. Does not depend on the time of the year;

four. It is possible to install on a house without eviction of residents;

5. The foundation does not need strengthening or expansion;

6. Simplicity of ensuring additional thermal insulation;

7. Resistance to damage and deformation;

eight. Does not miss moisture and cold;

9. Does not require special care;

ten. Fireproof;

eleven. Installed on any wall;

12. Spectacular appearance.

The proposed material is made of sand concrete of various colors by press rental on conventional vibrational sites using cast technology.