Arguments in favor of Venetian plaster

For exquisite room design, it is not at all necessary to buy a large number of expensive materials. In fact, the Venetian plaster photo of which is the best evidence allows you to achieve an impressive result.

The history of the coating began in the distant past, when decorative plaster has not yet gained such a widespread distribution. Now it is actively used in the decoration of office premises, all kinds of buildings, apartments and private houses.

When applying plaster, a special technology is used that requires early preparation of the surface. After all the work is completed, you can get a surface with a unique texture in very interesting color solutions. The number of shades is really large, and quite affordable tools are needed to apply the material.

Ready -made walls do not need additional care measures, because even the most aggressive detergents are great to eliminate pollution.

Many buyers value Venetian plaster for its durability and excellent resistance to constant temperature jumps, which other finishing materials do not always cope with.