At home in New Riga

Novorizhskoye Shosse is considered one of the most attractive places for buying a private sector in the suburbs. Of course, the definition of the highway shows only a direction and in fact those who would like to buy a house or cottage near the Moscow Ring Road choose a slightly at a distance from the highway and aaned road with an intense traffic stream.

Real estate on Novorizhskoye Shosse belongs to the category of elite, but the prices here cannot be called homogeneous. There are villages with more affordable prices, which is especially relevant for long -lived villages with houses built back in Soviet times. Elite cottage villages will certainly demonstrate to us modern buildings and those who want to buy a house on New Riga on / can choose both elite houses and cottages, and choose an inexpensive option at a relatively affordable price. The cost may also affect the elitism of the cottage village itself, its infrastructure. A house on the shore of a reservoir, with its beach and a margin for the boat, certainly also affects the cost of the object.

From the point of view of entrepreneurs at home in New Riga, this is not only a cozy housing, but also a profitable investment project. In recent years, real estate prices have been observed here exclusively. Often housing in the zone near Moscow is bought by foreign investors who believe that such an investment is an ideal option for increasing their capital.