Builders turn an old quarry in Sweden into a residential development

Construction has begun on a residential complex that will transform an old quarry outside of Gothenburg into an environmentally friendly and socially sustainable area.

Developed by Next Step Group and designed by Snohetta and White Arkitekter, the project will include 1,000 houses of various types and a range of amenities. The first phase of development begins with a utility building designed by Snohetta Lakehouse that blends harmoniously into the landscape.

The Wendelstrand project aims to reshape an area devastated by quarrying and offers “interaction between new buildings and existing nature”. The typology of housing ranges from terraced houses to villas and apartments, accompanied by a varied range of public amenities. Tham & Videgard’s contribution is a wooden version of the vertical village scheme, while White Arkitekter is responsible for the design of the apartment buildings.

“Our goal was to create something that transcends the traditional neighborhood and breaks with traditional housing typologies. The Lake House is designed to invite people into, into, and around the building. We hope the Lakehouse will be an important catalyst for create enthusiasm, attraction and cohesion in the area and become an attractive place for the whole region.In addition, we believe that this project can become a model for innovative and sustainable housing construction, focusing on wood as a building material and thus reducing the carbon footprint not only in Sweden, but throughout the Nordic region.” – Rikard Jaucis, Senior Architect at Snohetta.