Cottage villages in the suburbs

In summer, demand in the real estate market is slightly reduced, and at the same time it does not completely disappear – the realtors say. Of course, the number of buyers in the secondary and primary market in Moscow will decrease to the corresponding season of vacations and relaxation to the state. But at the same time, the demand for suburban real estate remains high and the number of people who want to buy a cottage in the suburbs is still not reduced – experts emphasize.

Especially interesting are houses, territorially located on Rublevo-Uspensky Highway. By the way, prices here are not always as high as it is considered in the rumor – the highway is not only the famous village of Rublevka, but also a number of cottage villages of the modern class, which alternate with long -lived settlements. Prestigious VIP complex Landscape is considered the best place for buying a cottage. Zhukovka landscape is located only 9 kilometers from the MKAD border, which is certainly not a big distance. Close location to Moscow simultaneously with environmental clean terrain, the forest zone – makes living here really prestigious.

Prices for cottages in the suburbs increase even at a time when the cost of housing in Moscow shows some decrease. This suggests that private households are a separate segment of the real estate market.