Criteria for choosing gold chains and advice from professionals

The cost of a gold chain is influenced by several factors: weight and length, as well as the type of weaving. An important factor for price and appearance is what kind of gold was used in this product. You can purchase a personalized necklace of high quality and elegant appearance to suit every taste.

Which gold to choose

Most often, white, yellow or red gold is used for chains. There are also models made from an alloy of several precious metals.

Yellow gold is most similar in color to native metal. but a piece made from pure yellow gold may be too soft and have a limited lifespan.

Red gold is produced by adding copper and zinc alloys to yellow metal. The saturation of the shade depends on the amount of copper. These are durable products that cannot be deformed.

White gold is considered the most expensive, it looks luxurious and is valued in the highest circles for its brilliance.

Tips for choosing a gold chain

Here are some tips to help you choose quality jewelry:

  1. Regardless of the type of gold, you should check the sample when choosing a chain. The higher the percentage of precious metal content, the higher the standard. But the cost of such a product also increases.
  2. Appearance of the links. With any type of weaving, it is important that the links are smooth, without bends, kinks or deformation. Many of these flaws cannot be corrected, and the decoration will look poor quality. If there are metal burrs on the link. then the chain will be scratched.
  3. Fastener strength. If the chain is intended for daily wear, then it is better to purchase models with a carbine-type clasp. For festive occasions there are more sophisticated clasps.

Before choosing a chain model. you should decide on its length. It can be from 45 cm to 80. The classic version has a length of 45-55 cm. If a woman has a large build, then a length of 55 cm is better for her. Longer models emphasize the neckline, and shorter ones emphasize the neck.

For a fragile figure, you should not choose too massive products. There has to be grace here. Men, on the contrary, prefer large chains with a massive type of weaving. if it is an anchor weave, then it can be two or three rows. The complexity of the weaving also affects the maintainability of the decoration. The more complex the connection of the links, the more difficult and expensive it is to repair them if necessary.