Design of the living room combined with the kitchen

A large amount of free space, lack of abundance of decor, simplicity form – these are the basic rules when designing interiors of the living room. Studio apartments have gained great popularity. It is quite difficult to design the design of the living room, which is combined with the kitchen.

The option of combining the kitchen and living room is successful if you do not plan to use the kitchen intensively. Because even a powerful hood cannot completely prevent the settlement of fat, the formation of smells and fumes in cooking.

The living room is a traditional place to receive guests and rest.

When combining the kitchen and living room, you need to take care of the correct zoning of free space. It is quite difficult to psychologically work at a computer and cooks food in one place.

The first way of zoning such a living room is the use of different material for flooring. Most often, tiles are placed in the kitchen, and in the living room carpet or laminate.

The second zoning method is a different ceiling and wall decoration. This method can be combined with the previous.

The third method is the most common: using a bar.

The fourth zoning method is the installation of the catwalk.

The fifth way is false walls-these are plastic and glass partitions, partitions-walls, a septum, a septum, it can be used in the form of a working table in the kitchen.

The sixth way is zoning using furniture. Most often – these are glass shells, plastic, wood to the ceiling, as well as two -thirds and half the height of the room. In addition, a popular option is the English location of the sofa – perpendicular to the wall.

Another zoning method is the installation of a multi -level ceiling and lighting.