Design project of small kitchen.

Italian chandeliers and lamps will help to make your kitchen stylish and bright.

If there is a niche in the wall, the refrigerator will fit perfectly there. This will significantly save space. In order not to take an extra place, it is better to choose a microwave oven that also performs the functions of the oven, and fix it on the wall with the help of brackets.

A small sink for dishes will be located in the corner and a compact washing machine next to it will be.

A cabinet with a dishes for drying is located above the sink. Then follows the bedside table with drawers and behind it is the hob.

Above the hob is an hood and a cabinet in which the pipe from the hood is hidden and small objects and small household appliances can be located. All lower boxes of the kitchen set are under the same countertop.

The headset ends with another cabinet with a box for large dishes and a department for storing the necessary products. This bedside table has another storage box located between the upper and lower tiers.

Near the window you can place the food intake area. It will be a small corner sofa and a dining table, a children’s chair for feeding will easily fit next. If necessary, the table can be safely transferred to the middle of the room and decompose, planting all guests.