Designer cuisine

Any woman wants her kitchen to be unique, comfortable and modern. When planning a kitchen, many turn to design projects. They are really interesting, but often reflect only fashionable design trends. And sometimes I want something completely extraordinary. There is a solution – kitchens without hinged cabinets. At first glance – how so, so much useful place, take and deprive the hostess of her usual shelves. But you can look at it from the other side.

Why without hinged cabinets

A similar design of the room will be appropriate at:

Narrow and long kitchen. Having removed the extra cabinets, we free the precious space. Items from the upper tier can be placed on the lower shelves.

Large kitchen, where there are a lot of free space, allows you to place a larger number of cabinets along the walls.

With a single -level structure, boxes and chests of drawers are also used. Even better they will look if there is a window and a kitchen island.

When the kitchen and living room are combined into one room, hinged cabinets will simply overload the space. This will be especially noticeable when many people will gather.

We select the furniture

In order to create such an interior, it is necessary to purchase a P-shaped kitchen set. Sometimes such models are not suitable, or they take up a lot of space, or simply do not like. Then you can select boxes, chests of drawers and shelves separately. Then collect them together. In order for the composition to be convenient and stylish, it is important to observe some rules:

The buffet should not be large;

It should be beautiful, it will be the center of the kitchen;

The buffet should be modern, and not from the grandmother’s house.

Pictures or decor elements are hung on free walls. This will make the kitchen interesting and unusual.