DIAM RK 500/7.5E Equipment for concrete work construction equipment

A machine that allows cutting seams in concrete structures Diam RK 500/7.5e is designed to help builders who often have to perform such work. Using this machine, as well as the Diam-RK-350/55E models, you can make slots and completely cut any building material. The sutures cutter can easily cope with reinforced concrete products, a monolithic concrete foundation, asphalt surfaces, as well as other materials in which technological slots must be made.

The machine is equipped with a tank into which the cooling surface of the cutting water is poured. Thanks to the use of high -quality diamond saws, you can do when working in the cold and without the supply of such cooling. Asynchronous engine operating from an AC network used to transmit mechanical rotation of the saw allows you to cut materials in a closed room.

Thanks to their technical parameters, installation is a universal device that provides the opportunity to quickly and easily perform construction work.