Do -it -yourself repair: LIVING LIVE

Most of the time in the apartment – spent in the living room. Here, not only the guests gather, but the owners themselves love to sit at the TV with the whole family and rest. The living room is a rest room, so it should be comfortable and representative, as an indicator of your entire home.

Such a room can be divided into several zones: guest, recreation area and entertainment area. Each of them should have appropriate items, furniture and equipment (soft chairs, a table, chairs, a music center with karaoke and others). It is a lot of important lighting of each of the functional zones. To do this, it is necessary to carry out general and local lighting.

Features of the lighting of the living room

If the main function of the room is the reception of guests, then the main lighting should be concentrated precisely for the guest zone. This can be done using a chandelier, a ceiling, suspended lamps. Hanging a chandelier should be in the center of the room (above the dining table). Thanks to modern innovations, you can purchase a chandelier with regulatory bottles that will allow you to direct light to all the necessary parts of the living room.

As for local lighting, these are floor lamps, sconces and table lamps. They are installed next to the recreation area in which you can read the book and just relax. Such, separate, lighting is also used in the entertainment zone.

Choosing a lighting option

In order to watch a TV or home theater in a cozy atmosphere, you need to make sure that the light does not fall on the screen, it is soft and slightly muffled. This will allow you to focus on the image on the TV and will not let your eyes get tired. But musical centers and karaoke are recommended to be surrounded by spots and wall lamps. Also, for a more fun and incendiary atmosphere, a design with color music is suitable. Such lighting can be different colors (blue, red, green), but it does not serve for constant use, only during entertainment.

There are many lamps, decorative lamps, candlesticks, chandeliers, sconces and other types of lighting. They are made of different materials and are represented in all kinds of forms. Therefore, you can afford to install lighting in any part of the living room: near the bed or armchairs, in the aquarium, in glass windows of furniture, in the form of decorative candlesticks on the fireplace, which will give a chamber and quiet environment. All this will make the room not only practical, bright, cozy, but also modern.