Door lock.

Installation of a cylinder lock.

Despite the fact that the cylinder overhead locks are less popular than the mortise, they have not lost their relevance today, they are more often installed in the doors of such houses and apartments where people with young children live. The main distinguishing feature of such locks is that they are closed using the key only on the outside. On the inside, they open with a comfortable rotating handle, which allows you to easily open the door.

Thanks to a simple design, the invoice lock can be installed independently, without the help of a professional. This work can also be performed by a person who does not understand construction work, the main thing is to comply with all the rules of installation.

The process of installing overhead cylinder locks.

The process of installing a patching cylinder lock consists of the following stages, and the sequence of stages must be observed.

one. At the first stage, it is necessary on the inside of the door at the site of installation of the lock to draw a horizontal line.

2. Then you need to take the castle and turning it over with the back, measure the distance from the middle of the hole where the handle is inserted to the edge of the device.

3. After that, the resulting length should be postponed on the drawn line and marked key points. Then, using a pepper drill, you need to drill a hole in the door leaf, which is designed to insert the lock and keyhole cylinder into it.

four. The lock cylinder is inserted from the outside, and the keyhole on the outside. The leash is passed on the inside of the door leaf through the hole.

5. On the inside of the door leaf, the lock plate is fixed. After that, it is necessary to cut the leash suitable for the lock (usually the manufacturers intentionally make leashes longer so that the locks approach the doors of different thicknesses).

6. Next, the castle body is approached on the plate and mounted with screws.

7. The installed lock must be closed, then mark the location of the locking plan on the door frame.

eight. The next step in installing the lock is to circle the lining circuit. In this case, you need to open the door, attach the overlay to the installation site and with a pencil to outline its outline.

9. On the end side of the door leaf, the overlay must be drowned in wood. For this purpose, the thickness of the plate is measured and the necessary volume of the material is selected.

ten. The last step in installing a patch lock is to fix the lining with screws and checking the performance of the mechanism.