Facade paints are now offered by many manufacturers. Some offer their customers basic paint for facades – white and colorless. To obtain the shade you need, you will have to buy a special coloring substance and, mixing it with the base, independently create a facade paint of the color you need. This option of facade paint is the most affordable, although it will require some physical efforts from you. Other manufacturers offer ready -made color solutions, as well as the widest palette of shades that can be made to order, often right in the store. Such paint will cost a little more, but the number of color options will pleasantly surprise you. However, it is worth remembering that there is a difference between the paint in the palette and the paint on the large facade. It is advisable, using special visualization programs to experiment with several colors and see how they will be combined with the finish of the house, the roof. Often the possibility of visualization is provided directly on the sites of manufacturers of facade colors. Experts do not advise dyeing the facade in a very intense color, since often such a solution may not be profitable to allocate your home against the rest of the rest.

In order to determine the right amount of paint for the facade, you need to know the area of ​​the stained surface. On packages with paint, manufacturers indicate how many square meters can be painted using 1 liter of the presented paint. To make the paint evenly, and the color is flat, it is necessary to apply paint in two layers. Therefore, do not forget to double the right amount of material. It will not hurt to add another 10%for reinsurance, then the material bought will definitely be enough.

The decoration of the facade is extremely necessary so that the structure looks original and unique. Order professional work at affordable prices.