Features of Venetian plaster

In the LuxDecor online store you will find inexpensive and high -quality mixtures for Venetian plaster. Unlike classical plaster, the Venetian does not need special preparation of the surface before applying. You save on finishing materials and at the work of masters to align the walls. Venetian plaster Kyiv purchased in the LuxDecor LuxDecor store.in.UA, for many years remains unchanged – does not crumble, does not crack, does not burn out and does not yellow over time. This finishing material is not significant mechanical influences, the effect of moisture, cold and heat. You can give additional brilliance and a type of novelty of Venetian plaster thanks to the annual coating with a layer of wax.

To clean the Venetian plaster from pollution, there is no need to use special detergents – for this it is enough to take a dry soft rag and easily wipe the wall. The mixture for the Venetian plaster presented on the LuxDecor website is made of natural components.

A substance is added to the Venetian plaster that prevents the formation of the fungus and mold. If in the process of use on the surface of the plaster there is a grid of small cracks (the material is not elastic), then it will not be difficult to restore it. Although the cost of Venetian plaster is high, its use will allow you to save well due to the durability of the coating.