Finishing the facade of the cottage

They meet on a clothes … So they say, preparing for a meeting of guests. A house or a cottage should also hold a brand. So let’s analyze, finishing the facade of the country cottage, it is just a beautiful “cover” for home, cottage, or after all, something more? In addition to decor, materials for the decoration of the facade are a barrier that serves as a protection for the main design. Protecting it from the sun, rain and wind. This barrier also plays the role of a humidity regulator, preventing it from penetrating your fortress.

There are many options for facing your cottage, it can be a decorative stone that is one of the most non -whimsical materials. But here you will need to think about its quality styling. Or it can be a special facade plaster, which, in combination with various materials, can hit even the most exquisite connoisseur of beauty and give the house a truly enchanting look. These types of finishes are called wet.

There are also ventilated types of facade finishes. These are varied slabs or panels. Their principle is that the wall and the new wall are separated by a ventilated space with optimal conditions, it is filled with special materials. It can be either mineral wool and polystyrene foam insulation.

It should be noted that the design, as installation, your facade part of the cottage, the task is not simple, and requires an extremely subtle approach. It follows that such work must be trusted with reliable people who know their job and have many years of experience in such work. A good specialist quickly, and most importantly, will help with the choice of material for the facade. He can choose the right material for your house. On the example of aluminum, which is durable and easy to install, but requires special attention to anchor dowels, kugers and rivets. Or it can be a tree that is also easily mounted, requires less costs and is ideal for frame-chips. From costs, it is worth noting the processing of wood with fire retardants and antibacterial agents.

You also need to pay attention to the choice of facade film. After all, it is she who will serve as a barrier that will protect the insulation from contact with the environment. The film should have non -combustible and hydraulic protection properties.

Ethics and style will be determined by the materials you have chosen and your imagination. And the correct design is a difficult task, the solution of which must be trusted to people who can not only correctly solve this problem, but also offer alternative options.