Floor repair in the bathroom.

Bathroom floor at best.

The equipment of the floor in the bathroom is not too complicated, but it is necessary to treat this problem carefully and painstakingly. It is necessary to exclude all the troubles that should be foreseen in advance, and take possible steps to prevent them. When making repairs in the bathroom, you need to take into account the case of leaks, prevent the flooding of neighboring apartments and, finally, design the bathroom so that the floor level in the room is below the entire apartment and that it is waterproof.

Let’s start with safety: it is necessary to make the waterproof surface of the “black” floor. It is necessary to solve this problem thoroughly. The first – we eliminate irregularities on the old floor, they could remain after the removal of the previous facial layer, and apply waterproofing. Second – we make a screed of the floor. Note that for the formation of the working surface of the floor in the bathroom on the domestic market, a large selection of materials is presented. When choosing the material, find out from sellers what products have more moisture resistance, strength, which does not slip. This is what.

It is clear that it is easier to make an apartment repair in St. Petersburg or Moscow, if only because in the capital’s stores the choice of building materials and tools is larger. What from this assortment to prefer?

Tile – excellent coating, durable, moisture resistant and heat -resistant material. But, alas, the seams of the tile do not provide sufficient tightness. Plastic is one of the best of the elasticity of materials, but it is not talked enough. Vinyl is a modern material that replaced plastic. He has no shortcomings inherent in his predecessor. Vinyl is released from 2 to 4 meters wide. This helps to avoid seams. We offer to opt for this material, especially since it will not cost the price of apartment repair in general, and the bathroom – in particular.

There are several features that must be taken into account when laying vinyl coating. Firstly, it should be laid on a concrete smooth floor, previously covered with waterproofing. You also need to understand the need to comply with the drawing.

When laying vinyl coating, we recommend using double -sided tape. It will make it possible to remove the coating in case of an error, and then lay it again. When the vinyl coating is left, it can be fixed to the floor finally. The final fixation of the vinyl coating is carried out using special glue, a metal strip is attached to the threshold. And the bath is ready!