Glazing the balcony

The desire to improve the loggia, as a rule, is associated with the need to create a suitable microclimate in this room. And the main task of the owner is the performance of high -quality glazing.

Before the direct installation of the window system, it is necessary to calculate the area of ​​the balcony and determine which material will be more advisable to use in this case.

As a rule, two types of glazing are used in balconies: with and without removal. The first option is the most common and requires lower financial costs. The cost of glazing in this case will completely depend on investments in the set of the window structure. To perform high -quality installation, it will be necessary to accurately calculate the area for glazing, determining the configuration of windows and opening wings, as well as their number.

A more complex option is high -quality glazing of the balcony with removal. Usually it is chosen by those who plan to increase the free space of the loggia due to the remote placement of the window system (up to 30 cm) in relation to the frame. In addition to the calculations of the area for glazing, it will also be necessary to determine the parameters of the fastening elements. Accordingly, the introduction of expansion profiles in the design will add a certain amount to the total cost.

When planning a glazing balcony, do not forget about additional accessories, such as castings, window sills, nets and gratings. They will also increase the cost of the window system, but at the same time they will make it more convenient and more functional.