Greenhouse polyethylene films

When people first saw a plastic film and were able to evaluate in practice to get acquainted with its functional capabilities and properties, it became clear that this material would gain the widest application in many directions and areas of household and industrial activities.

It all happened, because polyethylene is found literally at every step, is actively used in the field of catering and construction, national economy and long -term storage of various products.

On the site/Catalog/Category/Plenka_polietilenovaya presented the widest range of polyethylene films that have different thicknesses and various sizes. These films are great for organizing full -fledged greenhouses, in which plants will receive reliable protection against the harmful effects of various climatic conditions.

The dense characteristics of the material contribute to its elasticity, and the high level of the fortress eliminates the formation of ruptures. The cost of such a greenhouse is much more affordable than in the case of using any other materials. The film is made in different color shades, so it can perform many additional functions.