How to choose a floorboard correctly

The choice of the ideal type of wood for the floor of your country house can be a rather difficult task. The wood that will be chosen may depend on different factors.

This choice can also solve how the floor will look like. Will it be gray and rather dull, or its appearance will be cozy, beautiful and noble.

Laying a wooden floor creates comfort, the appearance improves and the cost of a garden house rises. In many cases, it makes sense to focus only on your taste, but when it comes to something important, you should not make a decision impulsively, because acting in this way easily make a mistake.

It is better to first purchase small samples of different wood in order to pick them up home and examine more thoroughly. You need to look at the tree in different lights. How it looks in daylight? As with artificial?

It is worth looking at the tree with close and from afar. The surface of any wood can look very different in different conditions and this must be found out in advance. It is necessary to decide on its shade. For example, the same oak can be in different colors. It can be an oak red, natural or antique.

When choosing a specific color or shade, you need to be guided by how light or dark indoors. If the room is quite dark, for example, there are not enough windows here, then it is better not to use dark types of wood to cover the floor, such as cherry or red tree. In this case, they put a light floor. Then he will not look gloomy and unattractive.

When choosing a wooden floor, you need to try to find the option that goes well with the situation, that is, wall decoration and furniture. Of course, the wooden floor should not be the same precisely as the existing furniture, but it should be well approached by visually. Moreover, you can choose a completely different contrasting color and shade.

Of great importance is where exactly such a wooden floor will be. If there is no large patency in the room, you can use softer rocks. If the floor is, as expected, to constantly be subjected to load, then solid rocks are chosen. This is very important, because if a wooden floor can be made here can be spoiled in the near future.

And the last thing that can be taken into account when choosing a wooden floor is the floor in other rooms. In the ideal case, the floor should be well combined with the floor in these rooms, then the interior will acquire the effect of harmony, which is often so lacking in domestic interiors.