How to choose a snow removal machine?

Country house. For many people, this is not just a place for growing vegetables and fruits, but a lifestyle. Staying in a summer cottage brings considerable joy and pleasure, both adults and children. But it is very important to keep clean and maintain order throughout the territory throughout the year, and the most difficult period in this sense is winter. At the same time, it is important not only to remove snow, but also to warm the trees correctly. We will try to tell you about all the advantages and disadvantages of snowmobile technology.

one.What to give preference to a gasoline machine or an electric unit?

If your cottage is small in size, then the best option will be an electric snowman, as it has small power (about 5 liters. With). The advantages of this model include a relatively low cost, the disadvantages are mandatory presence near the power source and poor mobility. It is also necessary to monitor safety precautions all the time so that the cord is not damaged by milling.

Snow removal car operating on gasoline is suitable for large territories. The positive sides of this model can be called relatively good maneuverability and independence from electricity.

2.The main criteria for choosing snow -removing equipment.

If the priority is exclusively the harvesting function of the machine, but on a small scale, then the best choice is an electric snowman. It has a relatively small mass and compact. In order to successfully cope with the snow that has just fallen, you can purchase single -stage non -self -propelled models equipped with rubberized screws.

If there is a long area of ​​a large area with large snowy rubble and snowdrifts, you can not do without self -propelled models of a snowman. The gasoline engine of such machines is specially designed for long -term work in the winter. The power of such a technique reaches 11 liters. C, the distance to which the snow is thrown away is 15 meters, and the width of the capture reaches 0.8 meters. Premium snow removal machines are equipped with several rear and front gears, which greatly facilitates the work with high snow density.

3.Rational advice to gardeners.

Cleansing the area of ​​snow, do not rush to throw it away. After all, many trees and shrubs must be insulated in winter. When the snow begins to gradually melt and decrease, it is necessary to carry out measures to add it and compaction. If there is a greenhouse, then inside it during the entire cold time should be snow.