How to choose a toilet without spray

When replacing or repairing sewers in the house, often you have to change the toilet. It is very difficult to choose something from a wide presented diversity, besides sellers, consultants are either not competent at all in the toilets, or they will try to sell you what is beneficial to them, and not you.

When choosing, first of all, you need to pay attention to the structural features of the output neck of the toilet. It is oblique, horizontal and vertical. If the toilet is not installed by you, then discuss with the masters, what type it will be optimal to choose so that the installation does not bring unpleasant surprises. For example, when choosing a vertical neck, there may not be enough space for a sharp turn of the corrugation, which will force the toilet forward to put forward. And this is an additional occupied place.

To choose a toilet without spray, you need to look at the shape of the toilet bowl. Previously, all the toilets had shelves on which life products fell. So there was no spray, but in the future, manufacturers abandoned such a layout scheme, since there are minus in the form of an unpleasant odor and difficulties in cleaning.

Now the toilets have three forms of bowls – a funnel -like, with a small shelf, with a slope of the rear wall. But to say which will definitely not spray, it is impossible to say right away. It is very individual and depends on how you are sitting on the toilet.

To choose a toilet without spray, you need to make some measurements. After visiting the toilet, measure the distance from the front edge of the toilet to the point of falling products. It is this distance that you will measure in the store.

Now choose the toilet so that the drop in waste does not occur in the water, but to the very edge in front of the edge of the water. So after the fall, the waste will slip into water, and not fall from the entire height. And there will be no spray!

There are toilets with an anti -splash system. In such types of toilets, the water column is very low. But this is not all, also around the edge of the water there is a small recess in the toilet itself and in such models the back wall is maximally shifted back.

Now knowing which toilet to choose so that there is no spray, you can decide on other parameters.

The drain system needs to be chosen, as it washes the entire toilet bowl, which for obvious reasons is more hygienic.

As for the cover, there are covers with a system of arguments that do not need to be thrown, but only a little directed towards the closure. They are closed on their own.

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