How to choose plastic windows

There are a huge number of firms offering plastic windows in the modern market for building materials and services. To choose the right high -quality and reliable windows, you must have a general idea of ​​the structure and characteristics of this product. Let’s try to figure it out.

Any plastic window consists of the following components:

– PVC profile;

– double -glazed windows;

– rubber seals;

– fittings;

– reinforcing profile.

We will not be mistaken if we say that the client first pays attention to the quality of the profile. The durability and reliability of the plastic or metal -plastic window is affected by the selected profile PVC system. You should not particularly trust the profile, the manufacturer of which is either China or Turkey. It is possible to give one hundred percent guarantee that if the window is made from the Chinese PVC profile, then accessories and double -glazed windows will also be of the corresponding quality. And if you add unskilled assembly and installation to this, then your plastic windows will not last long. So, the priority task that the customer has to be completed is the choice of the manufacturer of plastic windows.

Giving preference to well proven firms, such as KBE and Rehau. However, the choice of a proven and well -known profile system does not yet give a hundred percent guarantee of the quality of the entire plastic window, but most often only serious manufacturers collaborate with the above firms.

Unstable customers very often ask a question about the number of cameras in a plastic window and their expediency. There is no particular difference between windows with a different number of cameras, but you should pay attention to the depth of the profile. If you want the plastic window to provide the maximum sound – and thermal insulation, then your choice should dwell on a five -meter PVC profile with a depth of 7 cm.

Two -chamber plastic windows, the thickness of which varies from 32 mm to 40 mm, will also help maintain the heat of your room. To increase the thermal insulation characteristics of the double -glazed window, some gases are used, for example, argon.

In the production of high -quality windows, a galvanized reinforcing profile is used, which prevents the appearance of rust on the windows. The choice of accessories is best stopped on three manufacturers: Roto, Siegenia, MASO and the presence of complex openings is preferable.

All of the above factors play a huge role in the process of making a high -quality window, but it is also necessary to take into account human resources of production.