If you are not niro Wulf

How to make a beautiful flowerbed ? Before you go to a personal ploppy plop and build a flower garden, decide what exactly you want to get in the end. Impress others or give yourself the source of everyday little joys?

Remember Niro Wulf with his reverent attitude towards orchids! And you are also ready to take care of the magnificent creations of nature that will grow on your beautiful flowerbed?

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We use various figures

Limit the edges of the flowerbed

This is much easier to implement if you know exactly what you like: unpretentious cheerful Petunia, solemn Salvia or graceful lily, modest chamomile or pompous roses? Maybe you generally prefer lawns with small flowering islands?

It is also very beautiful, but it requires by no means less worries than a regular flowerbed. All this, of course, must think in advance, as well as decide on the shape of your future flowering corner.

We use various figures

Enter oval, round, triangular to the landscape of the garden – whatever, figures, with an eye on how organically they will look with nearby buildings or with neighboring plantings.

Suppose you are a novice flower breeder and decided to follow the path of the least resistance: to break the flowerbed, which, with minimal material and time costs, will delight with the splendor of the shape, the variety of colors and the original design.

There are many simple options for its performance. Here is one of them: dig a round bed, make fertilizers so that future buttercups do not experience a shortage in the diet.

Limit the edges of the flowerbed

The edges of the future flowerbed are limited by gravel, small stones, plastic or special borders. You can just cut the pier precisely and gently. In the center of a large circle, designate a small round island for tall plants.

You can plant, for example, Kochiy – summer cypress, which in early summer will delight with emerald greenery, and in the fall will acquire a reddish tint. Cutting off the Kochiy, it is easy to give it the desired shape, suppose, pyramids or ball.

Well, the center of the flowerbed is ready. Draw several straight rays from it, thirty centimeters wide and plant them with salvia (seedlings can be bought on the market or grow yourself). The combination of flowering red salvia with bright green Kochia looks very elegant and festive. And the wedges that remained in the cut of rays, as an option, can be planted with petunia.

It is one -color and original painted, terry, motley, large -flowered, dwarf – there is no limit to the diversity of this wonderful flower. The main thing: such a flowerbed will delight the flood of colors from the beginning of summer to late autumn.