Installation of drywall structures

Gypsum cardboard is one of the most popular types of material used to erect wall partitions and wall cladding. This is a panel consisting of a sheet of special construction gypsum of a certain thickness, with a cardboard glued on both sides. The thickness of the gypsum varies depending on the purpose during construction. A thicker layer is used in the construction of internal wall partitions.

At the site of the future wall, an aluminum profile is installed, on both sides of which panels made of drywall are attached. The softness of the material allows you to simulate any form of walls and ceilings. The relative lightness of the design does not provide much pressure on the ceilings and thanks to this it is successfully used when building the walls of the upper floors of individual houses or attics.

Cardboard in the panels may differ in composition. So for repair in rooms with high humidity – bathrooms, bathrooms, kitchens, moisture -resistant drywall is used. Special impregnation of the cardboard layer protects the entire panel from the possible destructive effect of water and water vapor. Weakfish and loss of properties occurs with much greater effects than in ordinary drywall. Impregnation also has antiseptic properties. It does not allow various types of mold to develop.

Subtle sheets of drywall perfectly replace plastering work on leveling walls and ceilings. Simplicity of installation – fasteners on screeds or gluing – a great advantage, both for the designer and for the builder. Wall niches and shelves, rounded walls and slopes of windows and openings – any volumetric solutions are easily implemented using drywall panels.

Another important point is the fire resistance of drywall. Processing panels with a composition containing components that impede the fire greatly facilitates the conduct of electrical work. Complete electrical wiring of the room is laid inside the drywall walls with the output only connection cables. In brick and concrete walls, it is required to carry out additional work on the stroke of the channels for laying electric and telephone cables. In wooden, plywood partitions, internal laying is impossible in general due to the possibility of fire. Drywall is a compromise and economical option from this point of view.

Easy in transportation and cleanliness during work – additional “advantages” of this type of material.

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