Interior Design

Expensive furniture and finishing can not always guarantee a beautiful and cozy atmosphere. After all, beauty is built on details. Good taste and sense of proportion saved more than one family with an average income. The correct and fashionable interior design is the art of creating a masterpiece from ordinary household items.

The nuances of the correct design

In fact, the design depends on many factors: the layout of the room, its orientation on the cardinal points, the location of window and doorways, etc.D. The main criterion for small and cozy rooms is the taboo on dark colors in the decoration. This will visually reduce the already small volume. That’s just sterile white color also does not need to be used. Against his background, other, not so white things, will look great. It is better to choose soft pastel shades.

The long room can be visually shortened, making the side walls bright, and the ends are finished with dark materials.

You can create comfort in a large room thanks to the selection of overall furniture. Materials with a overall pattern and experiments with various textures and textures will also help.

Game of light and shadow

The lower back will lift the low ceiling, making the room above. And the side lamps of the sconces will reduce the wide room.

Mirrors are of particular importance. The light reflected in them doubles, making the room lighter, without additional costs.

Various types and colors of the backlight will perform various functions. With the help of light, you can make a business and representative room, or, conversely, soft and home.