Loggia decoration with drywall: comfortable, practical, profitable

Loggia decoration with drywall is a rational solution for many rooms in typical high -rise buildings. That is why most of the owners of the loggias choose this option.

Loggia decoration with drywall: “For” and “against”

If you have already finally decided that you will use drywall when decorating the room, then you need to know all the pitfalls. We bring to your attention the main points. As they say, warned – means armed.


Alignment of the walls. Perfectly even walls are ready for further work (painting, worshiping, etc. D.)

The ability to implement interesting projects even in loggias with a small area.

Insulation. Foam or any other insulation ensures the maintenance of heat in your house.

Soundproofing. Now you will enjoy silence and tranquility.

Efficiency. All work is done within a few days.

Universality. Create. Create. Huge opportunities.


Reducing space. Perhaps one lack of decoration of the loggia of drywall is a reduction in square meters (0.5 – 1.5). However, for an impressive number of advantages to this misunderstanding, you can not pay attention. In addition, it is visually almost imperceptible.

Agree, positive qualities dominate. In addition, drywall is a universal material that allows a unique design and interior. And the budget is very attractive.

What is the finish of the loggia of drywall

Here are just some options for what this service may be needed:

Painting. The walls are put off with a thin breakup, after which they paint.

Wallpaper. Now there are thousands of different wallpapers – to choose the right option will not be difficult.

Installation of additional elements. The ability to make niches, install shelves, cabinets, etc.

You really get a pleasant room in all respects.

Loggia decoration with gypsocaton – the lot of professionals. Therefore, it is strongly recommended to contact specialists (for example, here) if you have chosen this option for decorating the premises. It should be understood that a competent installed design guarantees high quality and a long service life.

Let your loggia be warm and comfortable, where you can spend time with convenience. After all, sometimes you really want to relax and just get distracted by thoughts in a cozy place – your place. Know that creating “your nest” is not difficult, the main thing is to competently approach the issue.