With facade thermal insulation work, it is necessary to devote special importance. This is one of the places in the house through which the largest amount of heat comes out. As a result, poorly performed insulation will lead to an increase in energy consumption and related expenses.

Some time ago, an increase in thermal insulation qualities was achieved by increasing the thickness, however, today this “grandfather” method is replaced by more technological ways of creating a warming layer through special insulators, one of which are reinforced plates.

In addition to installing plates, the surface can be treated with special paints. In particular, METR – AMPHibolin Parol paint from a German manufacturer can be used for fragments and individual facade structures. This method is especially effective when processing sites on the facade, which are most susceptible to heat leaks. The service life of the product and its structural features depend on the quality of the paint, experts say.

Such a technique has many advantages:

insulation protects the walls from external influences;

provides high -quality sound insulation;

eliminates the formation of condensate on the surfaces inside the house;

allows the walls to “breathe”.

There are different ways to form coatings that reduce body costs:

cladding “heavy” plaster;

the use of lightweight plaster systems;

creation of a ventilated “pie”;

three -layer insulation technology;

Well finish.