Paths and sites will delight you

A prerequisite in the design of the personal plot is a paving in the garden of sites and paths. They are one of the main elements that affect the idea and nature of the whole garden. It is necessary that they correspond to the general style of the garden, to be attractive, functional, wear -resistant.

You will like aesthetically attractive paths and sites of one of the hotels of Belgorod, which you can see on the Internet. If you look at the photos of the hotel in Belgorod, prices are affordable.

The landscape architect will help you plan the sites and tracks, choose the necessary material for paving, given the style of the garden and the estimated load. After all, each zone of the garden is unique.

Where they move often, the tracks are made more durable. A paving stones made of natural stone, stoves on a concrete base, bridge stone are perfect for them. You can make infrequently used paths from brick crumbs or gravel. So that for many years the paths in the garden have pleased you, consider all the nuances.