An important element of landscape design is garden paths. They can emphasize the elements of the garden and combine them into a single whole, outline the zones and indicate the path. Of course, you can do without them, but each path is another part of your perfect garden.

Form, coating, location – these are the differences in the types of tracks. You can choose one thing, but you can play with options, creating a new and unusual. But if you have chosen any specific style for your garden, then the paths should support it.

Clarity and evenness, soft shades are suitable for the paths of the garden arranged in the regular style.

As for the landscape style, the spectrum is much wider here: patterns and drawings, different colors, smooth lines and various transitions that are limited exclusively by your imagination. Flower and sculptural elements will also support the general style and can be decorated or highlighted by paths.

In the oriental style garden, garden paths can only be outlined and simply not have a coating. Or you can take stones and wood – natural materials that will not be knocked out of the style.

Any section or element can be distinguished using garden paths – just create a platform or intersection nearby, or you can bypass the element in the circular. If you pierce tremors with one type of natural stone, you will emphasize the naturalness and naturalness of your design.

If you are a supporter of the allocation of differences, and you have several different zones in your garden – whether it is a functional purpose or style design – select different design of the paths – then it will immediately be seen where one space ends and another begins.

Proper carpet care will help maintain them in good condition and always find the right road.