Removing oil paint

Removing oil paint is not a simple thing, here are several ways to do it.

one. Apply a special destroyer (“washing”). Disadvantages: expensive, strong smell. And ineffective if you need to remove more than one layer of paint. But it is silent.2. You can iron the surface with an iron through foil. For this, it is best to use an unnecessary old iron.

3. Use industrial (construction) hair dryer to remove oil paint. As in the previous case, a small piece of surface is heated, then the softened paint is removed by a spatula. The process is certainly not the fastest, but there is much less stench compared to “washing”. So you can remove even several layers of oil paint.

four. Cover the surface with a layer of liquid glass and wait until it dries. As it dries, the silicate layer is firing and exfoliates along with oil paint. Once it may not be enough, then you need to do this operation again.

5. Remove the layer of oil paint using a spatula, perforator or ax. In this case, the paint layer is removed by mechanical scraping.