Repair. Bath replacement, part 1

To choose a successful bath is not easy. A bath is a time where many of us spend a sufficient amount of time. This is especially true for women. For them, a bath is a room of daily rituals of the priesthood. And even more so they will not forgive you a negligent attitude to the repair of the “shrine”.

First of all, it is worth deciding what form we choose a bath. If in block apartments the shape of the bathroom has a certain shape (whether it is “Khrushchev” or “Stalink”), now, during the projects and construction of modern cottages, the authors are planning all kinds of sizes and shapes of bathrooms. The forms and size and colors of the baths themselves are now a great many. As well as the material of the manufacture of baths. We will dwell on the simple rectangular shape of the bath.

So, the installation of the bath itself.

Firstly, the floors under the bath should be even. Check the horizon as often as possible when laying or repairing floors, whether it is a screed or ceramic or tile. Note that they are exalted enough above the main pipe. Otherwise, the drain of water will be worsened and slowed down. With underestimated floors (usually this happens after changing the drain pipe or after changing the floors) should be screeded to raise the floor level. Let me remind you of the ideal evenness of the floor, otherwise, after installing the bath, it will “play”, which adversely affect the tightness of the joints of the drain. You may also be interested in gasoline motops.

Two words about the accessories of the drain: when replacing the bath, it is necessary to purchase new pipes of water drain. There and sealing gum is better and the material is newer.