Repair in the house? Let’s think about cleanliness

Whatever modern means of repair, no matter what the latest technologies are used in the decoration of the apartment, office, cottage, anyway, the proverb that the repair is equal to the fire, to some extent justifies itself.

Repair – a large amount of dust, garbage, dirt that must be removed, otherwise it will simply be impossible to be in the apartment by the end of the repair.

However, glue, whitewashing, plaster, alabaster and other materials are very poorly washed off from the surfaces. And simple water with washing powder, as it was always accepted with us, there is not enough for cleaning – blurns, stains on the surface, will be “read” stripes, whitish trotes.

But there are new generation detergents that allow the first time to remove the room where the repair is carried out, very high quality. Housewives really appreciate such help. Since saving time and effort during such a global “action” as an apartment renovation, an important thing.

The same means are used for washing the cottage after a winter break, as well as before preservation of the cottage for the winter. In the summer, when in cottage houses, near which a large amount of land cultivated by a family, dust accumulates in the house, dirt. Therefore, it is also better to remove them by modern washing tools.

It is also important that these modern detergents are very environmentally friendly, do not cause irritation of the skin, and also decompose into simple harmless components under the influence of sunlight and oxygen of air.