Repair in the kitchen

Today in the order of things, if the kitchen combines the functions of the dining room, office and some kind of important zone. In such conditions, the owners are placed in the living conditions in small apartments. The same conditions dictate and repair rules.

It is necessary to take into account all the nuances as much as possible and make this room truly suitable for several functions, and not just for cooking food and eating. Everything possible must be done so that beauty and practicality play the main roles.

It’s better to start with a design project either to think well and “faint” everything yourself, if at this stage you decide to do your own. This stage will solve the problems: the amount of materials, time, will answer the question, also what furniture is needed, where to put it and what accessories are needed.

When everything you need is purchased and delivered, you can start repairing. Kitchen repair is traditional plaster and putting the ceiling and walls, today you can choose any ceiling decoration, as well as wall decoration – painting, wallpaper wallpaper or laying tiles on the walls.

Width and selection of flooring – tiles, linoles, laminate. In addition, you need to take care of the wiring and ventilation system.

To increase the space of the room, many owners successfully attached to the room a loggia. This, of course, is additional financial investments and labor costs, but the result is really worth it.