Repair is done gradually.

Repair in the house begins with preparatory work. First you need to prepare the floor for repair. To do this, you should review all the wooden materials from which the floor is laid out. If the floor is laid out by other materials, then you need to review the entire floor and identify all damaged places. After that, replace damaged areas with new materials. In this case, it is necessary to take into account such an option as damage to the joints of neighboring sections, with damaged. If there is a lot of damage, then it is better to remove the old flooring completely and replace the new.

After you have completed the floor repair, you can proceed to the repair of windows and doors. Only after you eliminate all the breakdowns of the openings, you can go to the walls and ceiling.

First we clean all the cracks. This must be done due to the fact that at the moment when you will clean the cracks, large areas of plaster may break. If this happened, then you must collapse everything that collapses. Since, if you start repairs and plastering over damaged areas (swelling or various detachments), then this repair will not be durable, and the walls will begin to crumble at the most not suitable moment.

After you have done plastering, you should put the remaining cracks. Only after that you can proceed to whitewash and painting. Wallpaper should be glued at the very last moment.

Thus, the repair of the room must be approached meaningfully and take all the events gradually. That is, after the end of one stage, it is worth moving on to the second stage, and so on until the complete completion of the repair.

But the last step is still considered the arrangement of furniture and the design of the premises.

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