Repair of apartments-compose the estimate

Repair estimate is an important part, which allows you to verify whether this or that type of repair work is suitable for our budget. The preparation of estimates is mandatory, but meanwhile conditional. In the final calculation, the numbers may differ slightly, which is due to the inability to accurately determine the required consumption of cement, glue for tiles, other materials . And the customer often changes his preferences during the repair and instead of inexpensive linoleum – the originally ordered, asks for good flooring, high -class laminate or parquet.

The estimate should be those masters who will carry out turnkey apartment renovation. To order apartments in Samara renovation or ordinary cosmetic – you can also according to the designer’s project, which is compiled to third -party specialists. In this case, the masters will study the design solution and on the basis of it will offer the estimated cost of work. Moreover, it is desirable that the designer also control the course of work, carried out creative supervision.

The preparation of estimates takes into account both the cost of building and finishing materials, and the cost of the work of masters. You should not save and delete or change the points related to work. Experienced professionals know the price of their work. And by hiring those masters who agree to do everything for a penny – you can get a very deplorable final result.