Repair the apartment in a new building with our own hands

When buying an apartment in a new building, you get not just living space, but a completely new life that you can make exactly what you wish.

Having received bare walls, not everyone imagines what to take on, first of all, where to start repairs in a long -awaited apartment.

In fact, you have to do a tremendous work, which includes not only the arrangement of furniture and gluing wallpaper, but also the installation of plumbing, installation of kitchen shelves, etc. D.

The easiest way to get rid of the problem will be the hire of professional workers who will do all the work for you. But this option is not far for everyone, because the cost of the services of such builders is great. Also, do not forget that your own hand repairs, repair in new buildings is much more reliable and better in all respects.

Get ready morally

No need to think that the repair in the apartment with your own hands is just. Unfortunately, everything is not at all like. The only and main advantage of with your own hands is to pay only for materials.

But, do not forget that you have a painstaking and difficult job that you will have to spend a huge amount of time. Repair in the apartment is a continuous process, after you start it, you can’t quit in the middle of the process, so it is better to refuse so far there is an opportunity.

Features of apartments in a new building

In all new apartments, the walls have not yet been fully formed. It means that without surviving the first frosts, heat and other weather conditions, the walls of your apartment can expand and narrow. Of course, the value of the changes will be insignificant, but the perfect repair can be spoiled.

Therefore, the best option, according to experts, is to wait 2-3 years, while everything falls into place and only then start repairs. If you are firmly intended to settle into the apartment in the near future, you should not use too expensive materials, as well as refuse the tile and similar, since such building elements cannot adapt to change after laying.

Otherwise, the apartment renovation in a new building takes place, like any other. The most dusty and dirty types of work are the first to carry out, after which all the garbage is carried out, the plaster is allowed to dry and t. D. Mount wiring and plumbing. After that, you will have to do the ceiling, walls and floors and only then complete the repair by installing furniture and other useful little things.

If you need delivery, then there is transportation of special equipment and other transport services.