Repair the electrician

Replacing electrical wiring – quite difficult event. It only seems from the side that it is enough to dismantle the old cable, which is usually mounted in the wall. And extend the new one in its place, make light connections and we will have a completely new safe wiring. Of course, not everything is so simple – they say professional electricians. Often, in order to replace the electrical wiring, a separate project is compiled, in which we will see a large number of digits, calculations, data. These data allow you to calculate the chisel section and determine the optimal scheme according to which the cable will be laid.

Regardless of the complexity of the work, it is optimal to instill electrics to repair electrics to professionals. Moreover, an electrician of the price for which is not high – this is a cycle of operations, which implies an integrated approach. Prices for repairing electricians in the complex will be much lower than fire operations – for example, if we invite a specialist to change the outlet or switch, then the price for this operation will be higher – than if the specialists perform the complex of work, including the replacement of the outlet or the switch. Complex repair of electricians also includes replacement for electrical wiring.

To date, when installing electrical wiring, the power of devices consuming electricity is taken into account. Since there are many such powerful devices in the kitchen, 2-3 inputs are often done in this room.